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For our standard collection, we use a carefully selected mixture of paraffin and stearin. Solid-coloured, high-quality and elegant. And handmade, of course!

We only select the best materials for our standard collection, which have convinced us 100%.

Our priority is that the paraffin and stearin we use for our standard candles is produced in Germany and meets all criteria and recommendations.

Only what works for us, what we have carefully selected and tested and what fully convinces us, makes its way to you.

Paraffin and stearin

An overview:

  • 80% Paraffin

  • 20% Stearin

Fully refined paraffin wax made in Germany.

It meets purity criteria according to BfR recommendation.

Stearin wax (also known as palm wax) produced on the basis of palm oil in Germany.

High quality pure stearin wax.

Stearin serves to optimise the burning time and strength of the candle and gives the colour of the candle a more even appearance.


"I regularly buy my dinner candles in all kinds of colours from Anna & Julie and I am absolutely thrilled. The candles burn forever and you also get solid-coloured candles in colours that I can't get anywhere else. I don't like the pressed candles from the supermarket, which don't look nice and burn down in one breath. Also, most candles in the shops aren't coloured solid, which is annoying. I‘m glad I found this online shop.“

— Maria Z.


Standard collection: Quality, colour, design and life

The standard collection is completely hand-poured by us, from the wick to the colour pigmentation and the very last finishing touch. This way we can be completely sure that we deliver quality: from the wax, to the colour, all the way to the stylish elegance.

In different sizes and shapes, the collection will convince you all by itself. There is something for every situation, every taste, every purpose.

We want to show that there is another way.

Many people value beautiful, stylish standard candles for table decorations, for lighting, for feeling good. Whether it's a romantic candlelight dinner or a fun family meal, reading a great book by candlelight in the bathtub or even a mild summer night on the balcony - the candles have to be able to keep up.

Especially important in this regard is, the quality of the standard candle, but neither the quality nor the design should be standard. Because we at Anna & Julie would never produce only the standard.

We offer candles made from high quality waxes, light to dark colours, stylish shapes and sizes and what should definitely not be missing: long burning time and our love for design and craftsmanship.

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